What is Domestic Violence?

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What is Domestic Violence?



In Arizona, there are harsh ramifications for those convicted of domestic violence. It’s best to know the laws around the issue; this way you can protect yourself and others. So, what is domestic violence? And how would someone get charged with it? What should you do after being charged?


What is considered domestic violence in Arizona? 

Domestic violence in Arizona is a dangerous crime against either a child or a partner. It could also be considered domestic if the act takes place between two people who used to be married, or who used to live together, or have a child together. A few other conditions exist—for example: if the involved parties are related through blood, a domestic violence charge will apply even if they live in seperate states. 

 There are several acts under Arizona law that are considered domestic violence. And it may surprise you to learn that the crime itself doesn’t need to contain physical violence for a person to receive a domestic violence charge

A common scenario that pops into everyone’s mind is one spouse abusing another—yet domestic violence charges extend far beyond that. 


What is a domestic violence charge? 

There are several categories of abuse that fall under domestic violence. They range from physical abuse to economic abuse, and include: control, isolation, and stalking. You can see the full list here

For example, if Gary yells and curses at his daughter, the police could charge him with domestic violence. If Lisa controls the household income, denies her partner access to their funds, or excludes him on major financial decisions, she could be facing a domestic violence charge. 

What if someone gets angry at the co-parent of their child and smashes their windshield? That too could be considered domestic violence. 

Sometimes a domestic dispute may be settled by the involved parties after the police have issued a domestic violence charge. However, since they are brought by the State, the charges cannot be dropped unless the State dismisses them.


Misdemeanor or felony charge? Seek legal help!

Facing a felony or misdemeanor charge is no time to try to handle matters on your own. If you, or someone you know, is dealing with a domestic violence offense it’s important to reach out for legal help immediately. 

Todd Coolidge is skilled in gathering solid evidence to support your defense. He will spot any inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s testimony and fight for the best outcome for you. 

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