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Attorney Todd Coolidge Handles Felony Cases in Phoenix, Arizona


In Arizona, a felony crime can be punishable by at least a year in prison. That’s a long time—long enough to change your life forever.


Don’t let a felony define your life! Attorney Todd Coolidge has been handling felony cases in Phoenix, Arizona for over 30 years. From Class 6 to Class 1, Todd treats each case with the same level of attention and respect.


Todd Coolidge has been successful in getting felony charges dismissed or reduced for his clients. He has spent decades fighting for the rights of accused Arizona citizens and he’ll fight tooth and nail to defend you.


Coolidge Law Firm Also Handles Felony Cases in Chandler, Scottsdale & Tempe


Our team of experienced felony attorneys have handled cases ranging from capital murder to DUI to Domestic Violence. We also handle cases of vehicular homicide, manslaughter, felony theft, and other felony charges.


We have the experience, knowledge, and attitude to get it done. Through expert research and pre-trial negotiation, many of our clients never face trial, and even have their charges dropped.


On three separate occasions, Todd Coolidge has convinced capital review committees from Maricopa County and Pinal County Attorney’s Offices not to seek the death penalty in first-degree murder cases.


What Sets Todd Coolidge Apart From Other Felony Lawyers in Phoenix?


The attorneys at Coolidge Law Firm are all goal-focused and detail oriented. We’ll search for corroborating evidence to prove your innocence, and work towards discovering and suppressing any inadmissible evidence.


We specialize in negotiations that result in reduced sentences or case dismissal. Your odds of conviction can increase drastically if your case goes to trial. Pre-trial negotiation helps you avoid expensive litigation by eliminating the process of a trial entirely.


Hire Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer Todd Coolidge Today!


When it comes to facing felony charges in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s vitally important to avoid conviction at all costs. A felony conviction will remain on your record and can seriously impede your chance at a normal life.


Don’t put your life in the hands of an inexperienced felony lawyer—contact Todd Coolidge to represent your felony case today. We proudly service Chandler, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and the surrounding areas in Arizona.

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