Arizona Law – What is Pre-file Representation?

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Arizona Law – What is Pre-file Representation?

When the suspect of a crime is brought into custody by law enforcement and made aware of their right to an attorney, Coolidge Law Firm (serving Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa Arizona) ALWAYS recommends they call an experienced criminal defense attorney. The reason? There may not be enough evidence to hold you in custody. 24-hours after the arrest or being held in custody by law enforcement, the suspect-in-question will be required to appear before a judge in court. This is called the initial appearance. In this hearing, the judge determines bail and the conditions for release from jail. But it’s the second appearance in court where pre-file representation is essential. During this appearance, the formal indictment, or the official charges that are brought by a Grand Jury, will be filed.

What is Pre-file Representation?

Conducted at the second appearance before the formal indictment is ruled on by a Grand Jury, this type of representation means your attorney has an opportunity to convince the judge to reduce, or even dismiss the charges brought against you, before they are ever filed. Once a Grand Jury rules, your charges are set in stone. To understand the subsequent steps in case procedure, visit the Maricopa County, Judicial Branch of Arizona’s website.

Todd Coolidge’s Professional Success in Pre-file Representation

Mr. Coolidge has been very successful throughout his career in pre-file representation. On three separate occasions, Criminal Law Specialist Todd Coolidge convinced capital review committees from both the Maricopa County and Pinal County Attorney’s Offices not to seek the death penalty in first-degree murder cases. On other occasions, he has convinced police agencies not to file child molestation charges.

If you or a loved one have been convicted of a crime in Phoenix Arizona, you need an experienced criminal law specialist like Todd Coolidge. Let his 25 years of courtroom experience and solid understanding of Arizona law help you! If you hesitate, you risk being indicted on more severe charges. Schedule your consultation today: 480-264-5111.


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