Author: Todd Coolidge


if you refuse to take a blood alcohol test

05 Apr Can You Refuse to Take a Breathalyzer Test?

  One of the most common questions we receive at Coolidge Law is, “What happens if you refuse to take a blood alcohol test?” This question has different answers. It also raises other questions like, “Can you refuse a breathalyzer and request a blood test?” and...

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what is domestic violence, what is considered domestic violence in arizona

02 Mar What is Domestic Violence?

    In Arizona, there are harsh ramifications for those convicted of domestic violence. It’s best to know the laws around the issue; this way you can protect yourself and others. So, what is domestic violence? And how would someone get charged with it? What should you...

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arizona arson laws

29 Jan Arizona Arson Laws: Is Arson a Felony?

  There are some situations where you might find yourself curious about Arizona arson laws. Maybe you’re planning a giant bonfire. Or maybe you accidentally flicked a lit cigarette and caught property on fire. Perhaps a fireworks display got out of hand and your neighbor’s shed...

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