restricted license az - phoenix highway

10 Jan Driving on a Restricted License in AZ

What can you do if your license has been suspended or revoked in the State of Arizona, but you still have responsibilities that require driving? Depending on the type of suspension or revocation, an individual may be eligible to apply for a special restricted license,...

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seasonal crime statistics - christmas tree and presents

10 Dec The Home Alone Holiday Crime Effect

In the movie Home Alone, Kevin McCallister wakes up to his dream Christmas scenario: his large and boisterous family are all gone. Things turn sideways when two home burglars stake out his house for a little holiday criminal activity. We know the rest, Kevin learns...

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arizona extortion laws - smoking gun

15 Nov Arizona Extortion Laws

When we hear the word extortion, images of mobsters and the mafia likely arise. Scenes and lines from Scarface or the Godfather are brought to mind. In general, extortion is a crime of power and the abuse of that power. As a criminal defense law...

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arizona reckless driving laws - car speeding

25 Oct Arizona’s Reckless Driving Laws

Arizona considers reckless driving a serious offense. While some traffic offenses can be written off as a simple ticket and a guilty plea, others may require hiring a criminal defense attorney who specializes in handling criminal traffic and driving violations.  A conviction relating to reckless driving...

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