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arizona eviction laws - single family home

08 May Arizona Laws on Eviction

In Arizona, a landlord must provide a tenant with the agreed-upon shelter unless a legal cause for eviction has occurred. Tenant rights and landlord obligations are laid out in Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. If a landlord wishes to evict a tenant, they must...

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public nuisance charges in arizona - suburbs

01 May Public Nuisance Charges in Arizona

  Overall, crime rates have declined in the United States during the Coronavirus shutdown. As social distancing has become the norm and the economy has been halted, there are fewer opportunities to commit a crime. However, domestic abuse and public nuisance charges have increased in Arizona. What...

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vape laws in arizona 2020

27 Apr Vape Laws in Arizona (2020)

Vape pens took our communities by storm as they were believed to be a “healthier” alternative to smoking cigarettes. The truth is, the jury is still out on that (we love a good legal pun!). Recently vape pens have been in the news because there...

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police misconduct airzona - cop with handcuffs and gun

14 Feb Reporting Police Misconduct in Arizona

Police brutality and excessive force are issues that have been brought to the forefront of our minds lately. But they are not the only form of police misconduct. It involves all illegal or unethical actions or the violation of individuals’ constitutional rights by police officers...

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arizona solicitation laws - pretty woman julia roberts

08 Feb Arizona Solicitation and Prostitution Laws

Solicitation is an inchoate crime that involves an individual or group seeking out other individuals to participate in a crime that constitutes a felony or misdemeanor. Perhaps the most well-known form of solicitation is prostitution. To this day, the only state that has legalized prostitution...

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