Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

Also Serving Chandler, Scottsdale & Tempe


Todd Coolidge is a criminal defense attorney who’s been fighting for the rights of the accused for over 30 years. Todd is a lifelong student of criminal law and a certified criminal law specialist dedicated to serving the Phoenix, Arizona community.


As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, he’s handled a wide range of criminal cases. Cases involving capital murder, first and second-degree murder, DUI, and aggravated assault are just a few of the criminal cases Todd Coolidge has taken on.

Why You Should Hire Todd Coolidge to be Your Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Todd is an expert negotiator. His success in pre-file representation has helped his clients avoid court entirely. He’s successfully negotiated down fines and sentences of his clients, and even gotten charges dismissed. Settling the case before it goes to trial means that you have a better shot at lighter penalties, and avoiding conviction.


Mr. Coolidge is an experienced defense attorney, and he’ll work tirelessly, leaving no stone unturned, to defend you in your criminal case. He routinely handles felonies and misdemeanors and he treats them with the same sense of urgency and tact. Having criminal charges on your record means that you’ll be judged more harshly if you find yourself facing subsequent charges. Todd’s goal in every case is to have the charges dismissed so that you aren’t faced with a lengthy and expensive trial.

Here’s What Todd’s Clients Have to Say


“I remember at one point in the trial when the prosecution rested, they ended by making a point where they wanted to suggest I was lying. When Todd performed the cross examination, he showed with one of the officer’s body camera videos, a single frame that demonstrated clearly what I had been saying. It was a beautiful moment when that needle in a haystack was revealed. And that is just one example of the type of detail that Todd Coolidge applies to his cases. His legal skill, preparation, and courtroom presence is matched by the dignity with which he conducts himself and brings to his clients as well. I thank the Lord for Todd. It was such a boost in confidence and comfort walking into court thinking, this guy is with me!”

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With decades of experience and hundreds of successful criminal defense cases, you’ll be in the best of hands with Todd Coolidge. If you’re facing criminal charges, no matter how big or small, contact our criminal defense law firm right away.