types of cybercrime - anonymous man typing at the computer

17 May What are the Major Types of Cybercrime?

The rise of the digital age and tremendous advancements in technology come with both positive and negative impacts on our daily lives. For example, never before has information been so easily accessible and shareable. This fact enables us to store information online, work remotely, and...

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elements of a crime - magnifying glass resting on an open book

10 May What are The Elements of a Crime?

In criminal law, all crimes can be broken down into different elements which, in order to convict, must then be proven in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt. Most crimes require that three elements be present: a criminal act (actus reus), criminal intent...

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arizona kidnapping laws - two swings in a ground

29 Apr What are the Arizona Kidnapping Laws?

As a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix Arizona, Todd Coolidge has handled cases as small as traffic offenses and petty theft, to much more severe cases that involved kidnapping. Well versed in all criminal law, with over 25 years of experience, he is an expert...

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