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24 Nov Felony Gang Participation

Taking part in any aspect of gang-related activity is punishable by law. There is specific legislation created to address gang participation. Crime that is organized is considered a direct attack on the government, which is taken very seriously. Coolidge Law, located in Gilbert Arizona, is...

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Court, lawyer, attorney

30 Aug Standard Court Process

Adults accused of committing crimes in Arizona go through specific criminal court procedures. These procedures are meant to build evidence for the case against the individual accused, to conclude the guilt of the individual, and, if found guilty, to sentence them according to the crime...

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Shoplifting in Arizona

30 Sep Consequences for Theft and Shoplifting in Arizona

There are three crimes that fall under the category of theft: general theft, shoplifting and issuing a bad check. Some actions, like writing a bad check or finding someone’s property and not attempting to return it to them, may not seem like they’d be classified...

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