legal terms

27 Mar Common Legal Terms Defined Part II

Last week we outlined a few key common legal terms. Here are some additional definitions that may prove to be useful if you are facing criminal charges. As always, you should seek professional legal guidance from a trained professional like Certified Criminal Law Specialist Todd...

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24 Mar Common Legal Terms Defined

Legal jargon can be more than a little confusing for those who haven’t dedicated years of their life to studying Arizona law. Below is a brief list explaining some of the more common legal terms that you may want to familiarize yourself with if you...

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misdemeanor in arizona

17 Feb What is a Misdemeanor in Arizona?

The word misdemeanor, if taken down to it’s roots of “mis” and “demeanor”, essentially translates to “wrong conduct or behavior”. So even by just looking at the origin of the word it is evident that while a misdemeanor isn’t tolerated behavior, it is clearly not...

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arizona felonies

13 Feb What is a Felony in Arizona?

The complex legal system can be both difficult to unravel and intimidating. It helps to have certain terms explained in the simplest way possible, not shrouded by legal jargon. Having a Certified Criminal Law Specialist like Todd Coolidge certainly helps, but for those of you...

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