Shoplifting in Arizona

30 Sep Consequences for Theft and Shoplifting in Arizona

There are three crimes that fall under the category of theft: general theft, shoplifting and issuing a bad check. Some actions, like writing a bad check or finding someone’s property and not attempting to return it to them, may not seem like they’d be classified...

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Robbery Charges in Arizona

20 Sep Robbery Charges in Arizona: What to Expect

As evidenced by the penalties, robbery in Arizona is no laughing matter. Robbery is far more serious than mere theft and is considered a violent crime--and as such you will not be treated well by the authorities. When you are wrongfully accused of robbery or...

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Disorderly Conduct in Arizona

16 Sep What is Disorderly Conduct in Arizona?

One of the most common criminal offenses, disorderly conduct in Arizona is a very challengeable charge due to it’s subjective nature. Todd Coolidge, certified criminal law specialist, can often help get these criminal charges dismissed or reduced. “Disturbing the Peace” is another term for disorderly conduct,...

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