Will You Get Your License Back After a DUI?

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Will You Get Your License Back After a DUI?

Driving in Arizona is a privilege granted by the state. That means that if the Arizona courts find a reason to, they can take away your license. Whether it was because of multiple DUIs or causing an accident while driving impaired, getting back your license can be a long and difficult process. 

Arizona is a zero-tolerance state when it comes to impaired driving. This means that being charged with a DUI can wind up costing you a lot more than a fine. There is also the possibility of jail time and the potential loss of your license. 

Consequences of a DUI in Arizona can include: 

  • License suspension or revocation 
  • Jail time
  • Installation of an interlock device
  • Fees, fines, or restitutions
  • Mandatory classes relating to driving, or drug and alcohol abuse

There Are 4 Steps to Getting Your License Back After a DUI

  1. Ride out your suspended license by taking all the required classes or programs and paying all the fees and fines that the court asked of you. While it can be difficult to be without your car for the time that your license may be suspended, driving during this time can have hefty consequences. 
  2. Install your interlock device and get the proper insurance. If required by the court, you will need an interlock device on your car. The car will not start unless you blow into the breathalyzer and it verifies that you have not consumed any alcohol. These devices can be mandated for as little as one year or up to three years.
  3. Apply for your restricted license. This license will allow you to drive a vehicle that has an interlock device installed. Failing to follow this rule can result in subsequent DUIs as well as additional time with an interlock, and you could even lose your license altogether.
  4. After all the steps above have been completed and as long as you meet all the requirements, you may apply for your unrestricted license.  

Revoked, Suspended or Restricted Licenses

When your license is revoked or suspended, that means you are no longer legally allowed to drive. In the case of suspended licenses, you will be able to start driving again when your suspension period is over. However, in the cases of DUIs, you often have to drive under a restricted license for a certain period of time. 

A restricted license has specific rules regarding your driving capabilities. For example, an interlock-restricted license means you are only allowed to drive cars that have a monitored interlock device installed. 

Failing to follow this law can result in heavy fines and fees, the loss of your license, or additional time added to your license suspension or restriction. It can also land you time in jail if you get arrested for a subsequent DUI. 

Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney Who Can Fight DUIs?

The best way to avoid having to fight to get your license back is to fight your DUI charges. But if the charge is already cemented, the process of getting your license back can be long and arduous. If you need some help getting your driver’s license back, a certified criminal law specialist like Todd Coolidge can guide you through the process. Contact us today for a consultation on your case.





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