Traveling While on Probation

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Traveling While on Probation

Regardless of whether you are on probation because of a loud party, another misdemeanor, or the felony diversion program, you might be wondering what that means for your ability to travel. There are many different reasons that people need to travel while on probation, but it may wind up being a complicated process. Here’s what you need to know about travel restrictions while serving probation in Arizona.

Arizona’s Rules for Travel While on Probation 

Travel Within the State

Arizona has 15 counties, and you are allowed to travel between them as long as you meet certain conditions: 

  • Your residence must stay within the county where you are serving probation
  • You must appear at the specific office of your probation officer when directed. 
  • If you need to leave the county for an extended amount of time, you must have permission from your probation officer. This type of travel is not usually approved, except for family emergencies. 

Travel Outside of the State

Traveling outside of the state is available only with permission from the probation officer and the court. While possible, it is often difficult to get permission to leave the state. 

Emergency Travel 

Traveling for emergencies is the most common type of travel. Funerals, family illnesses, and other such emergencies all require permission from a probation officer and the courts. 

Weather emergencies that require evacuation differ by district—check with your probation officer to understand the rules and regulations that affect your case. 

Work Trips or Vacations 

It is not often that permission is granted for out-of-state travel for vacations. Work trips are more likely, but only with permission from a probation officer and the courts. 

Extended Travel 

Travel for more than 30 days requires your probation officer to contact the local courts in the area that you are traveling to. While extremely rare, extended travel may be possible in certain situations. 

Travel Outside of the United States

Getting permission for this type of travel is extremely unlikely, as it creates a risk for the court that you will not return. Getting approval for out of country travel may require working with foreign police departments. Not all countries allow this type of cooperation or are willing to allow those who have had trouble with the law in their country. 

Getting Permission to Travel Can Take Months 

Getting permission to leave the state, or to travel for extended periods within Arizona requires the permission of your probation officer and, by extension, the courts. Depending on the officer assigned to you, this process may be difficult or it may be easy. 

There is a significant amount of paperwork involved, however, and sometimes it can take months to get approval. Starting the paperwork as soon as you are able is the best way to ensure you will be able to travel. 

Keep Your Lawyer Informed 

While getting permission to travel may seem like something that’s just between you and your probation officer, keeping your lawyer involved may help you travel smarter. The long and arduous process of applying for travel permission can often lead to mistakes. Because of the nature of probation, mistakes can land you in legal trouble you did not need or anticipate. 

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