What Is the Felony Diversion Program in Arizona?

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What Is the Felony Diversion Program in Arizona?

Arizona is home to not just beautiful landscapes, but also to a large number of programs that help those who have been charged with crimes and are looking for a second chance. The Felony Diversion Program is one that looks to set people on an educational and counseling path as opposed to jail. 


Overview of Arizona’s Felony Diversion Program

Formally known as the Drug Diversion Program or the Felony Pretrial Intervention Program, Arizona’s Felony Diversion Program is one of the many programs available to try and keep its participants out of jail. As well as not subject to a felony on their record. In this program, participants are put into counseling and given the support and education needed to help avoid other offenses. 

The ultimate goal here is: once the program is completed, the case will be dismissed. This allows the defendant to start over with a relatively clean slate. 

This program is different from an expungement application, which hides past convictions. Expungements work to clean a record, allowing those who have served their sentence and paid their restitutions to move on. 


How to Qualify for Arizona’s Felony Diversion Program

Due to the nature of this program, it is hard to qualify. Each case is chosen carefully and with a large set of perimeters. All participants in these programs are determined by the Deputy County Attorney (DCA). 

Generally, the participant cannot have been convicted of a serious offense such as:

There are also several other factors—like the amount of restitution owed—that can determine if the case ALSO qualifies for this program. 


What Happens Once You’re In the Felony Diversion Program 

Once a person is accepted into the program they will be assessed and put into a track. These tracks tell you the classes and amount of counseling the participant is required to undergo in order to fulfill the program requirements.

This program is individualized, so while each person’s program may look similar, they should not all be the same. The program includes counseling (either group or individual). As well as skill building for staying sober, and frequent drug testing. 

If all the requirements are met and the participant finishes the program, then their case will be filed to be dismissed with prejudice. If unable to satisfy program requirements, their charges will be refiled, a court date will be set, and they will lose the opportunity to participate in the program in the future. 


Criminal Defense Attorney in the Phoenix Area

If you have been charged with a felony in Arizona and think you may qualify for this program, having a good lawyer at your side is the best course of action. Each case is different, so work with someone who has the experience, and is trusted by many. Todd Coolidge and associates are experienced criminal attorneys and will work hard to help you. Contact Coolidge Law Firm today to schedule a consultation. 



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