How Has the Coronavirus Impacted Crime?

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How Has the Coronavirus Impacted Crime?

Many crimes are crimes of opportunity and environment. If one of these two things–or both– make a crime more likely or appealing, then it’s reasonable to assume that crime numbers will increase. For instance, we wrote a blog about how crimes like burglary and theft tend to increase over the holidays because more people are vacationing and visiting family, leaving their homes vacant for predictable periods of time. So how has coronavirus impacted the level of crime we are experiencing in the United States? 

Many Crime Rates are Decreasing During the Pandemic

According to a lot of reporting, it appears that many criminals have left the streets due to the strict stay-at-home policies in most States. The exact reason is unknown. They could be following shelter-in-place orders or, because most cities have shut down, they know they would stick out like a sore thumb. 

Murder. According to a report by the New York Times, murder rates have plunged around the world. 

Drug Arrests. Compared to the same period last year, drug arrests are down by 42% in Chicago, one of the most violent cities in the US. And this trend is similar around the country. 

Traffic Offenses. With fewer drivers on the streets, law enforcement agencies are reporting fewer traffic violations and arrests

Some Crime Rates Have Increased During CoronaVirus 

Although police departments are reporting lower crime rates overall, there are a few crimes that have experienced a surge. 

Domestic Violence. One crime that has seen a huge spike in cases right now is domestic abuse. The added stress and home-isolation has created the ideal conditions for this kind of crime to be perpetrated. Chicago, alone, has reported a 14.6% increase in the number of domestic violence-related calls.  

Public Nuscience Complaints. With everyone sheltering at home, in some ways we closer than ever before. Loud noises from parties and people entertaining themselves at home have made these complaints more prevalent.  

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