The Home Alone Holiday Crime Effect

seasonal crime statistics - christmas tree and presents

The Home Alone Holiday Crime Effect

In the movie Home Alone, Kevin McCallister wakes up to his dream Christmas scenario: his large and boisterous family are all gone. Things turn sideways when two home burglars stake out his house for a little holiday criminal activity. We know the rest, Kevin learns of the plot and ingeniously set up his home as a booby-trap that results in their arrest. 

While the movie is lighthearted, laugh-inducing and dramatized, the premise of holiday burglary is accurate. In addition to an increase of crimes like DUI’s due to holiday libations and domestic violence related to added stress and family turmoil, your homes and personal property are statistically more at risk during the holidays. 

Why Do Criminals Strike Around the Holidays? 

According to reports from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), three specific types of crime increase by an entire 20% in December: robbery, home burglary and personal larceny. One contribution to this hike in crime is time off. When you break it down, the holidays aren’t the only time when criminals strike. Summer and even the weekends have higher crime rates than other times and seasons. With this time off, people are more likely to travel at predictable times, making burglary more appealing and more accessible. 

The holidays do, however, have a distinct contributor to crime: desperation. Some individuals are strapped for cash, but looking to treat their family members with special gifts. Others might simply be motivated by financial strain and this end of the year holiday offers an opportunity. 

When it comes to personal larceny, the holidays are a perfect time to observe consumers and steal expensive items they have just purchased. 

Take Extra Precaution

Whatever the reason for the increase in seasonal crime statistics over the holidays, our team at Coolidge Law Firm (serving Phoenix Arizona), encourages every citizen to be more mindful and alert during this season. If you are leaving town for the holiday, consider leaving a light on or setting timers for your lights. Double that check your doors and windows are locked whenever you leave the house. And be careful about flashing your credit card digits or cash in public. Stay out of harm’s way by planning ahead and being careful. And from our families to yours, we wish you the happiest and safest of holidays!  


Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay (12/10/2019)