Maricopa County, Phoenix Homicide Jump in 2020

homicide rate increase phoenix 2020

Maricopa County, Phoenix Homicide Jump in 2020



You may have heard speculation about increased crime rates and increased domestic violence in Phoenix at the beginning of 2020. Now that we’re a few months into 2021, there is data reflecting the actual changes in crime from the past year. 

Increase in 2020 Maricopa County Homicides

Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler and Scottsdale have all reported increased homicide rates compared to the previous year, 2019. Phoenix’s increase was the most dramatic, having the highest rise in homicide in the country, apart from Chicago. KTAR News notes that nearly a quarter of all 2020 homicides in Phoenix were domestic violence related. That’s a 175% increase from domestic violence related deaths in 2019. 

Andrew LeFevre, executive director of the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission told AZ Family News that this could be an anomaly. He mentioned that the intensity from the pandemic has impacted daily life. More people than ever are regularly at home, and fewer people than ever are on the streets. LeFevre also stated that protests against police could be a contributing factor to the increase in homicides. 

In contrast to that, other crime rates have dropped. Burglary in Phoenix decreased in 2020, dropping significantly from the year before and is now down 58% from 2011. 


Homicide Rates Up Across the Country 

Other parts of the country are also experiencing a rise in homicide rates. Chicago has seen a jump of more than 50% in homicide rates since 2019. New York’s rate went up 40%. Their mayor, Bill de Blasio states the pandemic clearly affected the numbers. “People are cooped up,” he reports to NPR, “…the criminal justice system is on pause and that’s causing a lot of problems.” 

This rise isn’t only happening in large cities. Smaller cities and towns in the U.S. have seen a spike in violent crimes, as well. Desperation, economic issues, and poor mental health—all side effects from living through a pandemic—have played a large part in this homicide spike. When people feel desperate, they often take that out on eachother. 

Gun sales surged during 2020 and more guns generally lead to more violence. People who are scared, stressed, struggling, and possibly unable to work, find themselves in a delicate situation where violence can quickly rear its ugly head.


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image by Mohamed Hassan, from Pixabay on 3/29/2021 | used under Creative Commons license