Phoenix Traffic Lawyer: Handling Minor Traffic Violations In Phoenix

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Phoenix Traffic Lawyer: Handling Minor Traffic Violations In Phoenix

Many of us wouldn’t even think twice about paying a ticket if we were to be pulled over for speeding or another minor traffic offense in Arizona. However, you may not realize that by paying a ticket you are actually pleading guilty or no contest to the charges on your ticket.

The main difference between minor traffic violations and other, more serious charges is that in most cases, as long as you pay your fine, you will only ever see a courtroom if you challenge your ticket, which can be done by either pleading not guilty or pleading for lesser charges. Minor, or civil, traffic violations include incidents such as speeding, failure to yield, failure to fully stop at a stop sign, unsafe lane changes, and the like.  

Plead Guilty by Paying the Ticket

If you don’t believe you have a strong case to defeat the charges, or if the fine is so small that you may pay more in attorney’s fees, sometimes it makes more fiscal sense to simply “plead guilty”–pay the ticket. You can find instructions for paying a phoenix traffic violation here

Pleading guilty by paying a ticket may result in getting a point or two on your license, which down the road, can lead to a suspended license and higher insurance. However, in most circumstances, you have the opportunity to enroll in a defensive driving class to have the charges dismissed, reduce the cost of the ticket and/or erase the incident from your MVD record altogether.

Hire a Phoenix Traffic Violation Lawyer and Plead Not Guilty 

If you believe were charged unjustly and wish to challenge your civil traffic ticket, it’s vital to hire an experienced Phoenix Traffic Lawyer like Todd Coolidge. Having a qualified attorney in your corner will significantly increase your chances of winning your case or getting the charges lessened. C 

If you are involved in a criminal traffic violation–one related to reckless driving, drugs, DUI, homicide, manslaughter, or other felonies committed in a vehicle–we strongly advise hiring legal counsel to defend your case. 

Do you have a traffic ticket that you need to fight in court? Contact us today to schedule your free case consultation with Coolidge Law Firm located in the greater Phoenix area. 


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