Robbery and Fatal Shooting in Arizona

fatal shooting sentencing in arizona

Robbery and Fatal Shooting in Arizona


Early on the morning of Sunday, July 25, 2021, there was a fatal shooting that took the lives of two Arizona men. They both died on the scene from gunshot wounds from a shooting during a robbery that went awry. Court documents state that the gun was fired after a fight broke out between one of the victims and the accused man, Bivens. 

Because the fight ended in a double homicide, we are going to discuss what fatal shooting sentencing in Arizona looks like. At Coolidge Law Firm, we want you to stay up-to-date and informed on Arizona laws, so you can best protect yourself.

Fatal Shooting Sentencing in Arizona 

Since Bivens did not act alone, there are other men facing charges as well. Bivens allegedly told the police that one of his partners removed property belonging to the victims, and essentially admitted to robbery. According to Bivens, he was not the one firing a gun, but had been lured into providing backup for the other suspects who originated the crime. 

Currently, the court is proceeding with first-degree murder and armed robbery charges. Legally, murder occurs only when the act was planned beforehand. In this case it’s not yet clear if the fatal shooting was intentional or premeditated. If those conditions are not met, than a first-degree murder charge would not fit. 

For murder in the first degree to be proven, Bivens would have to be found guilty of taking the victims’ lives willfully, deliberately, and in a pre-planned manner. If this charge goes through, it will carry devastating penalties. Expert representation in a case like this can make all the difference! Contact Coolidge Law Firm if you are in a similar situation and need advice.    

Fatal Shooting Charges in Arizona

A fatal shooting felony in Arizona would be a situation where the court charged the defendant with a murder that carried the weight of a felony. Felony charges for murder or manslaughter (however the courts determine the fatal shooting happened) are both punishable with prison time. 

The amount of time in prison will depend on the degree of murder, whether it was murder or manslaughter, and any aggravating circumstances. Intentional, planned, first-degree murder can carry a dealth penalty in Arizona. This is the most severe situation, but life in prison, or parole granted after 25 years in prison, are punishments the courts impose as well. 

Arizona Defense for Felony Charges

As a criminal defense specialist in Arizona, Todd Coolidge is a seasoned attorney who is an expert in navigating the criminal court processes. He has handled several challenging cases, including homicides. Regardless of what your felony charges are for, he’s ready to help you build a strategic defense. 


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