What Happens if You’re Arrested in Arizona?

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What Happens if You’re Arrested in Arizona?

As a criminal defense attorney in Metro-Phoenix, Todd Coolidge has helped hundreds of clients through the arrest process over his three decades in criminal law. While we all hope the day never comes, if you are arrested in Arizona you should know the answers to the following questions: what are your rights; how should you behave; and what is the arrest process like? 

Know Your Miranda Rights

A police officer can approach you or pull your vehicle over to question you if they are suspicious that you may have been involved in a crime. If they wish to arrest you and have sufficient grounds to do so, it is at this point that they must read you the Miranda Warning. The catch here is, anything you say before the arrest and reading of the Miranda Warning can be used against you in a court of law. For that reason, if you believe you are a potential suspect in a crime, it is best to politely decline to answer any questions before you speak with an attorney. In addition, you should always remain calm and follow the officer’s instructions. 

Taken Into Custody or Detained

If you’ve been arrested, law enforcement may only have a hunch that you could be linked to a crime, but not have enough evidence to book you. In this case, they do have the right to take you into custody and question you. But without sufficient evidence, they cannot keep you longer than a few hours. If you are detained and questioned, know that you do not need to speak without a lawyer present. It is your right to stay silent! If you are released, your arrest will be considered a detention and not recorded as an arrest in your record. 

Arrest Processing in Arizona

If the police believe they have probable cause to arrest and book you, you can expect the following to happen during booking:

  • You will be asked certain identifying information about yourself—your birthdate, address, etc…
  • Your personal effects will be taken
  • You will be photographed and fingerprinted
  • The officers will look into any criminal record
  • You might be asked to stand in a line-up to be identified by a witness 
  • An initial hearing, or appearance, will be set for within 24hrs of your arrest where bail will be determined  

Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix 

If you have any reason to believe that you are a suspect in a crime, it is always best to speak with an attorney before making any statement to the police. If that day ever comes that you are arrested in Arizona, choose an experienced certified criminal law specialist. At Coolidge Law Firm we are committed to your best defense. Let our qualified team advise you on your next steps.

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash (1/31/2020)