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About Todd Coolidge Attorney

Todd K. Coolidge graduated magna cum laude from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. He attended Arizona State University College of Law and has been practicing law exclusively as a criminal defense attorney since graduating in 1990. Todd Coolidge Attorney has over 25 years of experience and is certified as a Criminal Law Specialist through the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization. Below is a testimony from one of his former clients.

“I got arrested in December of 2014 because I had a warrant out for my arrest due to forging prescriptions for Percocet. I was released the next day with 11 felonies, ranging from forgery, possession of narcotics and conspiracy to illegally obtain narcotic drugs. I also had 4 prior felonies and was sentenced to AZ department of corrections in 2007. With my new felony Phoenix charges and my priors, I was literally facing 8-15 years in prison, I had no choice but to contact an attorney for there was no way I was going to allow a public defender represent me in this case, so I contacted Mr. Coolidge to represent me.

“From the very first meeting with Mr. Coolidge, I knew he was the only person that I wanted to represent me. For the past year he has worked diligently on my case in order to fight to keep me out of prison and that is exactly what he did, he fought and fought with everything he had. In January of 2016 I went to court for my sentencing.

“Mr. Coolidge was able to get me a plea agreement that dismissed 8 of the 11 charges, he was able to get a “no agreements plea” (which is a really big deal) and most importantly NOT introduce ANY of my priors. He stood up before the Judge and brilliantly made a case to keep me out of prison and give me probation so that I can go home to my son. The Judge handed down a sentence of 4 years probation. Not only did I NOT get any prison time, I also did NOT get any jail time, NO restitution, very minimal fines and I got to walk out of that court room.

“I can’t express enough the gratitude that I have for the amazing job that Mr. Coolidge did on my behalf. Even the pre-sentence probation office recommended I get sentenced to prison on all 3 cases and yet because of Mr Coolidge’s hard work and dedication to my case, I did not have spend any time in custody. Mr. Coolidge is hard working, dedicated, very smart, brilliant attorney. I would truly recommend Mr. Coolidge to anyone and everyone dealing with any type of criminal case. If you are facing any type of charges and are considering Mr. Coolidge to represent you, please take it from someone who was facing 15 years in prison and was able to just get probation, HIRE HIM IMMEDIATELY. I promise you WILL NOT regret it.”

When you hire Mr. Coolidge your case will be handled directly by him and not an associate attorney. Mr. Coolidge truly cares about each of his clients and their cases.