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Sexual Conduct with a Minor in Phoenix

According to the law in Arizona, and all other states, there is no such thing as consensual sexual conduct with someone who is under 18 years old. Eighteen is the legal age of consent. Just because a sexual act is not forced, doesn’t mean it can’t be classified as rape. Sexual conduct with a minor is considered statutory rape because legally the victim cannot provide consent until they have reached the age of consent.

Sexual Conduct with a minor, or statutory rape, is a felony in Arizona. The severity and class of that felony is dependent on the age of the victim. Between 15-18 years of age is considered a class 6 felony, but if the victim is under the age of 15 that is a class 2 felony. The class of felony can also be increased based on the defendant’s relationship to the victim. If the defendant is a step or adoptive parent, legal guardian, teacher, priest or clergyman, the severity of felony is increased to a class 2.

Defenses for Sexual Conduct with a Minor in Phoenix

Defenses for statutory rape can be difficult to support, so you should consider recruiting a Certified Criminal Law Specialist like Todd Coolidge. The two main defenses commonly used include either showing that the defendant did not and could not have reasonably known the victim was a minor, or providing proof that the sexual act never occurred.

Penalties for Sexual Conduct with a Minor in Phoenix

If the sentence is for class 6 felony statutory rape the length of prison term is generally 1.5 years for first-time offenders because it is classified as dangerous. If it is a class 2 felony sentence, the convicted party is looking at a minimum of 7 years in prison.

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