Possession of Methamphetamine in Arizona

Possession of Methamphetamine in Arizona - needle with three bottles

Possession of Methamphetamine in Arizona

As a border state to Mexico, Arizona is a highly drug-trafficked state, and therefore, has severe penalties for dangerous drug possession, drug use, and manufacture and transportation of drugs. Specifically, the possession of methamphetamine in Arizona is a crime that is punished more harshly than others.

A Quick History of Meth in the U.S.

The use of the stimulant amphetamine first became popular in the medical world in the 1920s. During WWII the drug was prescribed and used by soldiers for a number of its so-called “positive” benefits, like lifting the mood, elevated energy and awareness levels, and improved endurance. By the 1960s amphetamine and methamphetamine use had become so popular obtained as an over-the-counter pharmaceutical, or on the black marketthat the government began to crack down on the use of amphetamines. At this point in time, the number of small underground manufacturers increased and spread all across the nation.

The 90s saw the introduction of Mexican traffickers in American markets, and their arrival brought a steep increase in meth use. And when President George W. Bush enacted a law in 2005 that restricted and monitored the purchase of pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in meth, the bulk of methamphetamine manufacture moved to Mexico.

The Problem With Meth

In the 1970s and 80s, cocaine was the feel-good drug of choice in America. As cocaine waned in popularity, meth, and specifically crystal meth, spiked in use. The abundant use, abuse, and possession of methamphetamine in Arizona is due in part to the fact that it’s an expensive high that is easily accessible. In the last few years, DEA agents in Arizona have reported up to a 70% increase in meth seizures.

The Sobriety Experience, a recovery home in Phoenix and Scottsdale, says this about meth: “The demand for speed and crystal meth is such that it is now among the most dominant drugs being brought into the United States, and especially into Arizona.“ And surprisingly, it’s not just those of lower socio-economic status that tend toward meth abuse. Methamphetamine and its many variants are widely used among high school and college students, as well as among white-collar workers.

Possession of Methamphetamine in Arizona

Because of its highly addictive and powerful nature, meth has become the drug of choice for many drug users. As you can see, the rise in popularity of meth throughout the country, and specifically in Arizona, is both alarming, and a strong cause for strict punishment on a criminal level. According to A.R.S. §13-3407, as a first time offender, a meth possession conviction holds the minimum of a class 4 felony punishment. However, possession of methamphetamine in Arizona can quickly become a more serious charge if you are found with more than 9 grams on you, or if you possess the materials to manufacture the drug.

If you are charged with use or possession of methamphetamine in Arizona, it’s essential that you contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. Todd Coolidge is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist with over 25 years of experience. Don’t risk the penalties and punishments that come with a class 2 felony conviction. Call Coolidge Law Firm today for your free consultation. And if you find yourself addicted to meth or any other substance, consider checking into The Sobriety Experience or another recovery/rehabilitation center in Phoenix. The quality of your life is worth preserving.


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