Grand Jewelry Theft in Arizona Sam’s Club

penalties for theft in arizona

Grand Jewelry Theft in Arizona Sam’s Club



On May 18th, 2021, suspects were arrested in Phoenix, Arizona for grand theft. The stolen jewelry they had captured during the heist was valued around $100,000 and came from a local Sam’s Club. Among those arrested was a 17-year-old. 

Charges for Theft in AZ

Charges for stealing property in Arizona depend on the amount of property stolen, the criminal history of the accused, and any other crimes committed during the theft. For first time offenders convicted of misdemeanor theft or petty theft, a compromise can be made. 

For example: as a compromise, the defendant agrees to make a civil payment to the victim that covers the cost of the stolen goods plus a $100 penalty. There have also been cases where community service was ordered instead of jail time. 

However, if the amount of stolen goods exceeds $1,000, the crime is considered grand theft or “felony theft.” The outcome from a case like this may include several serious penalties

A felony record will prevent you from voting in elections, serving on a jury, obtaining a commercial driver’s license, or possessing a gun. It could also negatively impact your chances of gaining employment. If you are facing felony theft charges, you need a qualified attorney on your side. 

Arizona Penalties for Grand Theft 

The suspects arrested recently for jewelry theft at Sam’s Club in Arizona were found with items worth roughly $100,000. Let’s briefly cover what that means for them, according to Arizona law.

In Arizona, this offense is classified as a Class 2 Felony because the amount exceeds $25,000. Additionally, this same law (13-1802) regarding theft states that, “A person who is convicted of [property theft] with a value of one hundred thousand dollars or more is not eligible for suspension of sentence, probation, pardon, or release…” 

Because the situation could qualify as felony theft, the accused may face prison time up to twelve and a half years, along with probation and fees of $150,000.  

Grand Theft Attorney in Arizona

Being charged with grand theft in Arizona is a serious matter! If you’ve been charged, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. With over 25 years of experience in criminal law, the defense experts at Todd Coolidge can help.

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