Not Guilty Verdict for Phoenix-area Businessman Accused of Fraud

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Not Guilty Verdict for Phoenix-area Businessman Accused of Fraud


Felony attorney Todd Coolidge of Coolidge Law Firm (serving the Greater Metro-Phoenix Arizona area) has won another multiple-felony case!

As reported recently by a local Arizona TV program, 3 On Your Side, a Phoenix-area businessman by the name of Thomas Greenwald was found NOT guilty of fraud by a jury trial. 3 On Your Side first broke the story back in 2017 when a criminal complaint was filed against Greenwald with the Phoenix Police Department. One year later he was indicted on three felony charges: one count of fraudulent schemes along with two counts of taking the identity of another. 

After a long battle in court, Todd Coolidge is happy to have received this not guilty verdict for his client. 

According to an article by, “In an email to 3 On Your Side, Jennifer Liewer, a spokeswoman for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, wrote, “”A jury found the defendant not guilty on all three charges in this case. Often, these cases can be tough to try because criminal proceedings must meet a higher standard of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of a criminal act.”” She went on to explain, ““Jurors might also bring the perspective that cases of this nature are more civil than criminal in nature.””

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(Image Source: 3TV)