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What is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist?

Todd Coolidge, Attorney, has over 25 years of experience exclusively as a criminal defense attorney. The Arizona Board of Legal Specialization identifies lawyers who have demonstrated superior knowledge, skill, integrity, professionalism and competence in a specific area of law, to better serve the public by increasing the quality of legal services. There are eight areas of law in which the Board certifies attorneys.

To be a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, lawyers must meet the following specific requirements:

  • Be licensed to practice law for at least seven years
  • Be licensed in Arizona for at least two years
  • Devote the equivalent of 50% of a full-time law practice in the specialty field
  • Handle a specific number of cases in the specialty field
  • Demonstrate integrity, professionalism and a high degree of competence in the specialty field
  • Receive favorable peer review from attorneys, judges, or other professionals in the specialty field
  • Pass a written examination.


The bar membership is nearing 20,000 active members in Arizona and, of that number, less than 100 lawyers were certified as Criminal Law Specialists in 2014. Since the year 2000, Todd Coolidge, Attorney, has been a certified Criminal Law Specialist. In addition, Mr. Coolidge is a member of the Criminal Law Advisory Commission which screens and nominates applicants for initial certification or recertification for specialization in Criminal Law.

Coolidge Law Firm recognizes that criminal charges come with difficulty and distress. Conveniently located in Chandler, our services are available in the metro Phoenix area, as well as throughout the state of Arizona, to all residents who wish to have their rights protected. Contact us today to begin your path to a strong defense.