Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer with a Personal Touch

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Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer with a Personal Touch

Being charged with a crime is often a long and complicated process, and it can be frightening to worry that no one is on your side. That’s why you need a dedicated defense attorney who will fight to protect your rights and your freedom.

But choosing the wrong lawyer could make the whole situation worse. If your criminal defense attorney ignores your case, is in poor standing with the Arizona courts, or does not treat you with the respect you deserve, you won’t get the outcome you expected. 

Unfortunately, it is common for large law firms to spend the smallest amount of time on a case as possible. Or they pass it off to several lawyers, which means there are many different eyes on your case, but no one is spending the time it takes to treat it with care and respect. 

You need a lawyer who will spend the time it takes to secure the best outcome for your case, who treats you with respect.  

How to Find the Right Lawyer 

When you’re looking for a good lawyer, there are several factors to think about. The first is location. While lawyers from other states can technically practice in Arizona, they will not have the same experience with our court system that an Arizona lawyer will. 

Next is their experience, a defense attorney should have experience in not only the criminal court system but also with your specific charges. Client testimonials and an excellent track record are also good things to look for. 

Finally, you want a lawyer who will work your case. From making investigations to grinding away with paperwork, the best criminal defense attorneys always have a hands-on approach to their practice. 

Why a Personal Touch Matters 

When you are facing criminal charges that could take you away from your family and friends, it is important to make sure that your case gets reviewed thoroughly. A lawyer who knows you and cares about your case will work harder for you. 

Cases that get passed around a large firm are often under-reviewed—their lawyers could miss key details that will help your case. And if you are assigned a random lawyer, they may not have the experience needed to help you. 

Todd Coolidge Is the Lawyer You Need

As a teenager, Todd Coolidge was able to see the effects of criminal charges through his father’s work in a jail ministry. This helped shape his personal philosophy that every person facing criminal charges deserves more than just representation. Each case and each defendant deserves respect and hard work. 

This personal philosophy is embedded deep within the Coolidge law firm. Each case is read thoroughly, investigated, and handled by Todd Coolidge personally. That’s what makes him one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the Phoenix area. 

Hiring a lawyer should take more than an email. This is why our firm offers in-person consultations. It is our belief that you deserve to be seen, heard, and treated like a person, not a case number. 

A consultation will allow you to ask questions, to ensure that our firm is the right fit for your case, and get to know Todd Coolidge so that you feel confident in your defense. Contact us today to book a consultation. 

While I cannot ever guarantee a result, I can guarantee my work. I will leave no stone unturned in my investigation of the charges you are facing.” 

– Todd Coolidge



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