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I Just Got Pulled over for Suspected DUI in Arizona: What NOT to Do

It’s easy to panic when you’ve been pulled over by a police officer, even if you feel you are in complete control and have not committed any legal infractions. Having just a single beer with dinner and heading home can turn into a stressful ordeal if you feel that an officer is unfairly targeting you. There are many things you should avoid doing and saying when you have been pulled over for what might be suspected DUI in Arizona. Here are some tips to follow when you are pulled over in Arizona.

  1. Never admit to anything, because as you’ve heard countless times in movies and on TV “anything you say can and will be used against you.” Your only response should be, “I want my attorney, and I invoke my right to remain silent”.
  2. Do not keep your car running.
  3. Do not move your hands anywhere the officer cannot see them.
  4. Make sure any other passengers in the vehicle remain quiet and also keep their hands in view.
  5. Never answer any questions regarding where you’ve been or where your are heading. Again, simply respond with, “I want my attorney, and I invoke my right to remain silent”.
  6. The same goes for questions about any food or drink you have consumed. Simply respond with, “I want my attorney, and I invoke my right to remain silent”.
  7. Show your driver license, registration and proof of insurance on request, but do not open your window any more than necessary to do so.
  8. Do not be rude; remain polite as you would in a business meeting.
  9. Never consent to any search. Very politely let the police know that, “I do not consent to being searched”. But do not physically intercede if the circumstance arises as you will put yourself in harm’s way and may be charged with assault, disorderly conduct or a number of other charges.
  10. Refuse any field sobriety test request. Even if it sounds like a command, you are not required by law to submit to these subjective tests. It is possible to fail even if you are not over the legal limit for a number of reasons. If they don’t have enough evidence, submitting to this test could be the evidence they need to arrest you. If they already believe you are guilty of DUI in Arizona, you will get arrested anyway.
  11. Don’t refuse the BAC test. If the officer orders you to undergo a Blood Alcohol Concentration test, you should comply. On refusal, your driving license will be suspended for a year in Arizona. However, you should always insist a second sample be preserved for independent testing


If you are pulled over for DUI in Chandler or anywhere else in the metro Phoenix area, contact Certified Criminal Law Specialist Todd Coolidge as soon as possible. Drive safe out there!

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