Stalking & Harassment in Arizona - person following another person

I’ve been charged with Stalking or Harassment in Arizona. What now?

Harassment or stalking charges are often emotionally heated and often linked to domestic violence cases in Arizona. For this reason, the courts often pursue these charges aggressively. Even if you  are completely innocent, simply being accused of stalking or harassment in Arizona will often result in a restraining order which can haunt you by showing up on any background check–even if you are never convicted of a crime!

If you are convicted of harassment or stalking in Chandler, Scottsdale, Phoenix, or anywhere else in Arizona, that background check won’t be the only thing you have to worry about. A conviction can lead to serious jail time. This is why you should contact a certified criminal law specialist like Todd Coolidge to provide the best chance for your success. Below are some of the possible penalties of a conviction for harassment in Arizona.


Typically, harassment is a class 1 misdemeanor (the most serious) and can result in up to 1 year in jail and $2500 in fines. An order of protection or restraining order will usually also be put into place. Some examples of acts that are considered harassment include: even after being asked to stop repeatedly following someone, with no legitimate reason putting someone under surveillance, or using phone, mail, email or any other means to harass someone.

Aggravated Harassment

If you have been previously convicted of domestic violence or have violated an order of protection, you will likely face more serious aggravated harassment charges. This is a felony that will result in a sentence up to 18 months in prison.

Stalking and Cyber-stalking

If the alleged harassment has caused the victim to experience fear, you may be charged with stalking. This predatory behavior is much more serious than harassment and is a felony that carries up to 3 and a half years in prison. The digital form of stalking or “cyber-stalking” has equally harsh penalties.

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