Assault in Arizona - person strangling another person

I’ve been Charged with Assault in Arizona: What to Expect | Part II

In our last blog post we discussed some of the expectations one might have when dealing with assault charges. The two categories we discussed were Misdemeanor Assault and Aggravated Assault in Arizona. However, there are other charges that fall under the category of assault that you might not be aware of. These are Threatening or Intimidating and Endangerment.

Threatening or Intimidating

Threatening and intimidating are indeed categories of assault. Generally speaking, it is a class 1 misdemeanor to communicate threats of bodily harm or to threaten to harm someone’s property. However, the severity of those charges can be elevated to a class 3 felony of those threats are involved in gang activity. Class 3 felonies can carry a 3 ½ year prison sentence.


No physical injury is necessary when it comes to endangerment–only the risk of imminent injury or death. If you have recklessly put someone in harm’s way, you may be charged with endangerment. There are two categories of endangerment: misdemeanor and felony. Felony endangerment is when you put someone at risk of imminent death specifically.

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