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What Happens in the Pre-Charge Investigation Stage?

Facing criminal charges can be quite overwhelming. Keeping track of all of the steps involved can be difficult for those not engaged in the world of DUI charges and felonies in Arizona on a daily basis. In a previous blog post we outlined what happens after you’ve been charged with a crime in Arizona, but you may be wondering what happens before that when you’re merely a suspect.

The Pre-Charge Investigation Stage

The Investigation Stage, also known as the Pre-Charge Stage, is the period of time when a suspect is being investigated for a possible criminal offense but there hasn’t been any formal action taken or official charges made. Even though an individual has yet to face any formal legal action, this stage usually involves being brought in for questioning and later being released without any charges.

This stage can cause quite a bit of anxiety and lead to issues in one’s personal life. During this time you are vulnerable to being arrested at any time if the police are to find any evidence that may implicate you.

Getting Your Case Dismissed

Although it’s hard to say there is a positive here, in the pre-charge stage you still have a chance of getting your case dismissed. That’s why it crucial to hire an experienced Certified Criminal Law Specialist like Todd Coolidge to help guide you through what may be unknown waters.

Even if you are not convicted, just being arrested and brought in for questioning may be documented and your name may make it into newspapers, websites or other undesirable places. Having legal guidance during this time can save you a lot of heartache and can often change the outcome of any future charges by helping you understand your rights and prepare a defense.

If you are currently or believe you may be a suspect in a criminal investigation, don’t wait. Contact criminal defense attorney, Todd Coolidge, today! 480-264-5111

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