Fourth of July Fireworks Laws in Arizona - sparks from fireworks

Fourth of July Fireworks Laws in Arizona

The fourth of July brings with it plenty of fun and festivities, but it’s important to understand the laws surrounding fireworks before you go and get yourself in trouble by shooting off illegal fireworks! It goes without saying that you should read our blogs posts regarding DUI in Arizona while you’re at it! Holiday weekends always come with an added element of risk when it comes to police presence and DUI arrests.

If you’re wondering what types of fireworks are illegal in Arizona, the answer is pretty simple. If it gets “airborne” and detonates it’s illegal. This includes bottle rockets, sky rockets, reloadable shell devices, firecrackers, Roman candles, single-tube devices and aerials. If you’re planning on shooting off any of the above fireworks, think again.

In Arizona, the types of fireworks that are legal can be purchased only during certain times of the year. Between May 20th and July 6th and between December 10th and January 3rd. Fireworks can only be used during certain times of the year too. Between June 24th and July 6th and between December 24th and January 3rd.

If you break Arizona fireworks law, you may face a severe mandatory minimum fine of $1,000. If you are facing DUI charges this holiday weekend, don’t hesitate to contact Certified Criminal Law Specialist Todd Coolidge. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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