White Collar Crime Penalties in Arizona

felony charges for white collar crimes

White Collar Crime Penalties in Arizona



In general, Arizona defines white collar crime as nonviolent actions that break the law. More often than not, the illegal activities in this category deal with finances. From accountants unlawfully altering the books, to fund managers siphoning off money for personal gain, these types of crimes are often referred to as “white collar” and leave some wondering what the felony charges for white collar crimes are.

Although these crimes are nonviolent in nature, Arizona courts deal with them in a serious and strict manner. It is possible in Arizona to receive felony charges for white collar crimes. Defending against white collar crime in Arizona is not something you can tackle alone. If you need legal representation, Coolidge Law Firm can help.

Felony Charges for White Collar Crimes

The punishment for white collar crimes covers a wide range of sentences. Arizona courts will rule differently on a case of bribery than on a case of theft under $25,000. Depending on which laws were broken and the circumstances surrounding the crime, you could be facing felony charges.  

Examples of White Collar Crimes in Arizona

Last year an Arizona man, Frederick Arias, landed on the FBI’s most-wanted list for white collar crimes when he temporarily evaded the courtroom. Arias had received multiple charges from the Arizona Superior Court that would classify as white collar crimes, including forgery, theft, money laundering, and conspiracy. The court estimated that Arias’s fraud added up to $9 million in appropriated money.  

Defense for White Collar Crimes 

If you are facing charges for a white collar crime, you need an experienced defense attorney who can build a dependable strategy for your case. If the prosecution can not prove your intent, then the court will see “lack of intent” as a valid defense. Another justifiable defense is claiming duress, which is akin to explaining you were forced to commit a white collar crime such as credit card fraud, wire fraud, or creating false financial statements. 

Receiving a felony charge can be devastating. If you, or a loved one, are in this situation, reach out for help. When you hire Coolidge Law, you have the chance to work with the best! Todd Coolidge has been in private practice for over 23 years. He’s handled felony charges including those related to white collar crimes and his track record of success is apparent in his work. 

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