What Is a Drug Conspiracy Charge in Arizona?

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What Is a Drug Conspiracy Charge in Arizona?

The movement and sale of drugs has been a constant in U.S. history. In June, you may have heard that the Department of Justice released the names of 22 people they are charging with drug-related crimes. Alongside charges of possession with the intent to distribute was the charge of “conspiracy to distribute drugs.” 

Conspiracy charges are often confusing to the general public. Many people wonder what the difference is between a conversation and a conspiracy charge. They often ask, “Doesn’t freedom of speech protect us when talking to other people?” 


What Does Conspiracy Look Like?

If the subject of robbing banks comes up at a party, can you and your guests go to jail? In short, no. That would be absurd. However, if you and your guests start collecting ski masks, and marking off where the banks are on a map…well, you might be heading into the territory of conspiracy to commit robbery. 

According to the department of justice, the official definition of conspiracy is: “two or more persons planning and taking steps towards committing an illegal act.” There are many different types of conspiracy charges, ranging from theft to murder. 

In order to be charged with conspiracy, there must be evidence of a conversation between two or more parties, evidence that steps had been taken to perform the act, or evidence that the illegal act had been completed. Oftentimes, conspiracy charges are accompanied by other charges. 


What Is the Difference Between Conspiracy and Intent to Distribute Drugs?

Intent to distribute and conspiracy to distribute are two different charges. While both involve the distribution of drugs, one (intent) involves the individual selling the drugs and the other (conspiracy) is the conversation two people may have about selling them. 


Conspiracy to Distribute Drugs in Arizona

Let’s look closer at drug conspiracy charges. There are several reasons that this charge may come up. However, there are always at least two people involved. Most commonly, conspiracy to distribute drugs is paired with a possession charge. Here are a few examples of evidence for a conspiracy to distribute drugs charge. 

  • Transporting large amounts of drugs 
  • Having a large number of drugs on your property
  • Having drugs in a school zone 

Having more than a “personal amount” of drugs on you can lead to more than just possession charges. Especially if there are other people with you. You, and your friends, could be facing conspiracy charges for intent to distribute drugs. 


Criminal Defense Attorney in Arizona

Jail time for conspiracy charges ranges from 5 to 40 years. Sentencing depends on your specific case, the type of conspiracy, and the other charges being lobbed by the prosecutors. Having an experienced attorney at your side is the best choice you can make for your future. Todd Coolidge and his associates have the knowledge and experience needed for these cases. If you are facing conspiracy charges in Arizona, contact us today to schedule a consultation.



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