Driving With a Suspended License in Arizona

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Driving With a Suspended License in Arizona

Driving with a suspended license may seem like a minor violation, but Arizona law takes it seriously. A suspended license means an offense has already been committed, and driving on that suspended license is a second breach of the law—which means leniency is not likely. Click on this link to see some possible consequences of traffic violations. Coolidge Law serves Gilbert, Phoenix, and surrounding areas as an experienced law firm that can help you walk through traffic offenses, and much more. Here’s additional information about driving on a suspended license:

Reasons for a Suspended License

Running a red light or failing to pay a traffic ticket are two common reasons for a suspended license. Other reasons include:

  • Driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Using a vehicle in the act of committing a felony.
  • Perjury or making false statement to the MVD.
  • Failure to stop and render aid when involved in a traffic accident.

Penalties of Driving With a Suspended License in Arizona 

The initial offense that caused your license to be suspended has its own consequences. The act of driving on that suspended license could add to the fines and/or consequences you’re already facing. According to ARS 28-3473, 13-802, 13-707 and 28-3511(A), here are the penalties for driving with a suspended or revoked license:

  • A maximum of six months in jail
  • A maximum fine of $2,500
  • Possible impounding of your vehicle for up to 30 days

Breaking the law a second time by driving on a suspended license isn’t worth the risk. Use public transportation or other forms of temporary transportation during the period of your suspension, or connect with a friend or family member for help. You’ll be glad you honored the law until the length of your suspension is completed.

Your Defense

Coolidge Law Firm knows Arizona law. If caught driving with a suspended license in Arizona, we’re able to help build a strategic defense to give you the best possible outcome for success. Contact us today for all your legal defense needs.


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