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Don’t Count on the Luck of the Irish: Avoid a DUI arrest in Arizona on St. Patrick’s Day

With Saint Patrick’s Day right around the corner, most of us are preparing our best green getups, planning or RSVPing to parties, and stocking up on the best Irish beers and whiskey. When we’re caught up getting into the spirit of the holiday, it can be especially dangerous to forget about important details and decisions like “who’s the designated driver” or “who wants to share an Uber”. Let’s be honest, St. Patrick’s Day is a drinking holiday and there are stats to back that up (more on that below).

If you’ve read any of our previous DUI blog posts, you are aware that Arizona has some of the harshest DUI laws in the entire country. Not only that, the state takes special measures during holidays such as these. Police officers will be out in full force patrolling for signs of impaired driving and implementing DUI checkpoints to catch unsuspecting drivers like fish in a barrel. Don’t forget that you can be under the legal limit of .08 BAC and still be charged with DUI in Arizona based on the (very subjective) judgment and discretion of the officer and the court when your case goes to trial!

Here are some not-so-lucky stats about St. Patrick’s Day when it comes to drinking and driving.

  • St. Patrick’s Day ranks 4th among popular drinking holidays, just behind New Year’s Eve, Christmas and Independence Day.
  • 75% of fatal crashes on St. Patrick’s Day involve a driver who has a blood alcohol level that is at least twice the legal limit.
  • Between 2010 and 2014, there were 266 casualties resulting from intoxicated driving on St. Patrick’s Day.


Don’t let your March 17th turn ugly with a DUI arrest in Arizona or worse. If you are stopped for DUI on St. Patrick’s Day, be sure to follow these tips and contact certified criminal law specialist, Todd Coolidge, immediately. 480-264-5111

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