Decoding “Legalise”: Common Legal Phrases Defined - confused person looks into a spiral-bound book

Decoding “Legalise”: Common Legal Phrases Defined

While you don’t need to be an expert to break the law, unfortunately sometimes you do need to be one just to understand it! Facing criminal proceedings is stressful enough, and barely understanding the words and phrases the courts are using can only compound your confusion, fear and anxiety. While it never hurts to have certified criminal law specialist in your corner interpreting the “legalise” for you, we’ve put together a quick cheat sheet with some common legal phrases and terms and their “translations”.

Acquittal: A verdict in which a criminal defendant is not guilty.

Arraignment: When a defendant is brought into court and asked to plead not guilty or guilty.

Cause of Action: A legal claim.

Class Action: When one group sues an individual or another group.

Deposition: Oral statement made to an officer legally authorized to administer oaths.

Indictment: A charge issued stating that there has been enough evidence presented to justify having a trial.

Injunction: A court order preventing one or multiple named parties from taking some action.

Lien: A charge placed on property that is designed to secure payment of a debt.

Litigation: A lawsuit or case.

Moot: No court ruling because the controversy has ended or never arose.

Remand: To send back a case.

Statute: A law passed by a government legislature.

Tort: A civil (not criminal) wrong.

Writ: A written court order directing a person to refrain from taking, or to take a certain act.

We hope that these definitions have been helpful to you and if you are confused about your case and unsure of how to engage with the courts, it is always a smart decision to find legal representation. Contact Coolidge Law Firm today if you are searching for a top criminal defense lawyer in Chandler.

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