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Avoid a DUI in Phoenix: Arizona Now 6th Worst Driving State

As the summer heats up in Phoenix, Arizona, so do people’s tempers. Impatience and agitation take over for many drivers in the valley. DUI’s tend to pick up and to add insult to injury, Arizona has fallen from 14th on the list to 6th for the worst state to drive in recently. According to the study released by CarInsuranceComparison.com, Arizona ranks 7th for failure to obey traffic laws and 3rd for careless driving.

The states in the survey were ranked by fatality rates, drunk driving, careless driving, failure to obey traffic laws and speeding. Arizona’s low rank is due to the number of drivers who fail to obey traffic laws and a high number of deaths caused by careless driving.

DUI’s in Arizona are not taken lightly. Arizona has some of the most severe drunk driving laws in the nation. So it is always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to having a few drinks with dinner at a restaurant when you know you’ll be driving home. Be sure to read our previous blog post regarding what NOT to do if you are pulled over for suspected DUI in Arizona. These may come in handy when the summertime DUI checkpoints in Arizona are in full effect.

Be careful driving out there this summer and contact certified criminal law specialist Todd Coolidge immediately if you are facing DUI charges in Phoenix. 480-264-5111

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