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5 Things to Avoid when you get Pulled Over for DUI in Scottsdale

If you’ve spent any time reading the Coolidge Law Firm blog, you know by now just how strict the DUI laws in Arizona are. (Hint: most strict in the nation). So it goes without saying that you should do everything in your power to bolster your chances of defeating or avoiding DUI charges altogether. The following are 5 things to avoid if you are pulled over for DUI in Scottsdale or any of the cities in the Valley of the Sun.

1) Avoid Self Incrimination: Keep your mouth shut!

It’s always good practice to say as little as possible when dealing with the police. They aren’t trying to make small talk with you. They are trying to piece together every little bit of evidence they can to generate a reason to arrest you. Don’t allow a slight slur in your speech, an unwilling confession or smell on your breath to give the officer any more legal ammunition.

2) Don’t be Rude to the Officer!

While you should say very little, you should resist the urge to be rude or gruff towards the officer. It will only make things more difficult for you. As much as you might be tempted to argue with an officer about your rights if you believe you are being unjustly targeted or unconstitutionally detained, it’s best to remain polite but to the point.

3) Politely Refuse any Field Sobriety Tests

Counter to what most people might believe, field sobriety tests are not mandatory. While a Blood Alcohol Test can be forced on you after receiving a warrant very quickly, field sobriety tests like walking in a straight line or reciting the alphabet backwards are a choice. Politely refuse this request and ask to speak with your attorney.

4) Don’t Reach for Anything without Permission

This one is a no-brainer. To avoid any unnecessary tension with the officer, ask before you reach for anything in your pocket or glove compartment.

5) Don’t Fight the Charges Alone

The sooner you contact your DUI attorney, the better. Whether it’s examining the evidence or questioning test results, timing is of the utmost importance. Take advantage of your right to an attorney and contact Todd Coolidge immediately if you are arrested for DUI in Scottsdale.

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