Traffic Offenses

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Traffic Offenses

There are so many ways we can engage with law enforcement, and unfortunately a lot when it comes to driving. It may be confusing on keeping up with the amount of traffic offenses that you can commit. Coolidge law can help gain understanding on some of the different types of offenses there are when it comes to traffic.

Traffic Violations

Though it may seem as though a traffic ticket is nothing more than annoyance, the reality is that it is a criminal offense. The severity of the offense depends on the violation conducted. The more serious offenses are usually when the vehicle is in transit or moving. There are customarily two specific types of traffic offenses while driving, which include:

  • Moving Violations- This can include a wide range of actions such as driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), speeding, reckless driving, driving without a license or registration, failing to stop at a red light or stop sign, and illegal lane changes.
  • Non-moving Violations- These are the less serious offenses that take place usually. They are mainly parking violations.

Depending on the type of moving or non-moving violation will determine the severity of the offense.

Consequences of Traffic Offenses

Regular, non violent traffic stops or parking tickets will usually result in a fine or need to prove registration or insurance. These are easily taken care of by paying the set fine in the determined time frame given on the ticket. Options to contest the ticket involves showing up at the hearing at the court date set at the time of the ticket. There you will be in front of judge and the officer who gave the ticket and be able to plead your case in regards to the action sited. Whereas moving violations that involve violent offenses or high speed reckless driving could end up higher consequences. These consequences could include:

  • Significantly higher fines
  • May be charged with a misdemeanor instead of a mere infraction
  • Potential punishment can be up to a year in jail
  • In some rare circumstances, a traffic infraction may be charged as a felony if there is a repeated DUI, vehicular homicide or a hit and run.

The severity of punishment depends on the severity of the actions in traffic offenses. It is wise to be on your best behavior with the officer if something happens, and to contact your wise legal defense at Coolidge Law.

Traffic violations are often times seen as not a big deal, but they can lead to high consequences if one is not careful. It is wise to follow all laws, even traffic laws that may not make sense for you.


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