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Todd Coolidge’s Approach to Defense

My approach to defending someone who is charged with, or possibly facing, criminal charges such as domestic violence Phoenix, is fairly straightforward. I am going to give that person the full attention they deserve to arrive at the best possible outcome for them. While I cannot ever guarantee a result, I can guarantee my work. I will leave no stone unturned in my investigation of the charges you are facing.

I got my introduction to protecting the defenseless at an early age. My father started a jail ministry when I was a young teenager. There were many times my parents opened their home to people who had just been released from custody. I also traveled around Wisconsin with my dad assisting him with his bible studies in the jail.

Todd Coolidge, Certified Criminal Law Specialist, handles challenging cases throughout Maricopa County and the rest of Arizona, including criminal charges such as:

  • Armed Robbery
  • Assault and Aggravated Assault
  • Computer crimes
  • Domestic violence Phoenix
  • Drug offenses
  • DUI
  • Felonies and misdemeanors
  • Felony Theft
  • Homicides
  • Sex offenses
  • White collar crimes


I will personally handle each of my client’s files. I have worked for other criminal defense firms in the Phoenix area over the last 17 years. It is my approach to make sure each and every client gets the time and focus they deserve in their matter. I will not be handing your matter off to another attorney. You can be assured that your case is important to me.