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Crazy AZ Laws

You may have heard about some crazy, older laws, likely taken off the books by now, that would require something ridiculous by today’s standards. But what about today’s laws? Are there any that might seem a little “out there” that are still in place today? Anything seemingly small that can result in a felony in Phoenix? Here are some laws in place today in our own state of Arizona that might seem a little…interesting.


If you want to dry your clothes in El Mirage, you better be careful how you do it. According to onlyinyourstate.com (OIYS), using a clothesline to dry your clothes can get you fined $350! Clothesliners really have to make sure to dry their clothes out-of-sight if they want to save on their electric bill.


This next law makes sense but has a much higher than expected punishment. You can face up to 25 years in prison for cutting down a cactus in our good state. While protecting nature is a great cause, the 25 year penalty seems like a pretty heavy sentence on the unsuspecting. But why cut down a cactus anyway?


If you are planning a visit to Goodyear (or live there) then spit at your own risk! OIYS claims that article 1-8 of the Goodyear city code states that one can be fined up to $2,500 for this misdeed.


Avondale has taken to laws against forms of fortunetelling. AZCentral.com states that fortunetelling, including palm reading and “palmistry”, is considered a misdemeanor if done for compensation and hypnotism is outright banned. Looks like the Avondalers will have to stick to Magic 8-Balls for now.


This next one has to deal with one of the favorite animals of every meat-eater, the pig. Business Insider acknowledges that no one in our good state can feed garbage to pigs without a permit… Apparently, there’s a permit for that. This seems to be a very unsanitary action, the kind that makes one think twice before eating their breakfast bacon the next morning. If you are raising the pigs for your own consumption you are allowed to feed the pigs from the waste basket so-to-speak. But would you really want to?
Arizona does seems to have its share of interesting laws. Nothing here resulted in a felony Phoenix, thankfully. We at Todd Coolidge Law Firm hope you have enjoyed this more light-hearted article.

Do you know of any other seemingly strange laws out there?


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