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11 Aug False Accusations

False accusations, or false reporting, may seem far fetched at times but they do happen and can be particularly damaging to you and your family. Unfortunately, accusations that are falsified happen more regularly than they should. Coolidge Law serves the metro Phoenix area (Gilbert, Mesa,...

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felony phoenix

30 Mar Crazy AZ Laws

You may have heard about some crazy, older laws, likely taken off the books by now, that would require something ridiculous by today’s standards. But what about today’s laws? Are there any that might seem a little “out there” that are still in place today?...

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5 New Arizona Laws in 2017

16 Jan 5 New Arizona Laws in 2017

New year, new laws. With this brings both good news and bad. Many of those in Arizona who were hoping to relieve overburdened Arizona courts and prisons by reducing the number nonviolent drug offenders through marijuana legalization were let down by the failure of the...

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Disorderly Conduct in Arizona

16 Sep What is Disorderly Conduct in Arizona?

One of the most common criminal offenses, disorderly conduct in Arizona is a very challengeable charge due to it’s subjective nature. Todd Coolidge, certified criminal law specialist, can often help get these criminal charges dismissed or reduced. “Disturbing the Peace” is another term for disorderly conduct,...

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Fourth of July Fireworks Laws in Arizona

03 Jul Fourth of July Fireworks Laws in Arizona

The fourth of July brings with it plenty of fun and festivities, but it’s important to understand the laws surrounding fireworks before you go and get yourself in trouble by shooting off illegal fireworks! It goes without saying that you should read our blogs posts...

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ballot initiatives in AZ

16 May New Laws: Ballot Initiatives in 2016

New laws are passed every year by state and federal governments. Needless to say, it can be a little difficult to keep up with them all. Ballot initiatives are one of the few methods of legislating that are sourced directly by the people of a...

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