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20 Sep Armed Robbery in Arizona

One of the first lessons that parents, teachers and other adults impart to us in childhood is not to take things that don’t belong to us. Despite this being a widely-taught cultural value, the concept still seems to get lost on numerous individuals who persist...

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30 Aug Standard Court Process

Adults accused of committing crimes in Arizona go through specific criminal court procedures. These procedures are meant to build evidence for the case against the individual accused, to conclude the guilt of the individual, and, if found guilty, to sentence them according to the crime...

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Domestic Violence in Phoenix

13 May Domestic Violence

When you are accused of a crime where the alleged victim is married to you, shares a residence with you, has been involved sexually with you, is a past or current partner, or is a child or family member of yours, this is considered domestic...

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Domestic Violence in Chandler

12 Jan Penalties for Domestic Violence in Chandler

Domestic violence is no laughing matter. If you are being charged with a “domestic” offense--even if the crime isn’t violent--you run the risk if convicted of having a permanent mark as a domestic violence offender on your record. Even if your dispute was simply a...

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