white collar crime Chandler

06 May What is a White Collar Crime?

Not all crimes involve violence, drugs, traffic offenses or traditional definitions of theft. White collar crimes are generally understood to be nonviolent illegal actions that result in personal financial gain. White collar crimes generally involve office workers, accountants, managers, stock brokers, fund managers or business...

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downtown chandler az

31 Mar Springtime Events in Chandler

If you weren’t aware, Chandler, Arizona is the city Coolidge Law Firm calls home. If you live in Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe or any other nearby city you probably want to hear what exciting local events are happening this Spring! Before the Phoenix heat strikes, there...

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new arizona laws

29 Mar New Arizona Laws 2016 Edition

It’s a seemingly impossible to keep track of all the laws that our state and federal governments are continually putting on the books. To assure that you are remaining on the right side of the law, it’s a good idea to occasionally familiarize yourself with...

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